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About Us

A boutique IP services provider, Rodyk IP traces its roots far back in history to 1861 and is a leader in the continued development of the intellectual property scene.

Rodyk IP’s team of patent and trade mark agents is highly skilled and experienced, and provides holistic advice to clients in a broad spectrum of industries and businesses. From large multi-national corporations to individual entrepreneurs, many have entrusted Rodyk IP with the protection of their valuable IP assets. With an extensive global network of associates in the intellectual property field developed over Rodyk IP’s long history, Rodyk IP offers its clients seamless and cost-effective services across the world.

We are able to scale our services according to the needs of our clients. From large multi-national corporations to individual entrepreneurs, many have entrusted Rodyk IP with the protection of their valuable IP assets. We understand our clients’ needs, and work closely with them to achieve their commercial purposes.

Because of our long history, we have become the de facto legal department for our clients, many of whom we have served for decades.

How it all began

Rodyk IP is the result of decades of providing leading advice on intellectual property matters.

It has its beginning in 1861 when Robert Carr Woods partnered with James Guthrie Davidson to form Woods & Davidson. Bernard Rodyk joined the firm in 1877, and the firm was renamed Rodyk & Davidson. In 2016, the IP practice was rebranded as Rodyk IP.

Through the years, our IP services is at the fore-front of development: we were one of the first to hire technical specialists, including an Australian patent attorney and today, we have several professionals with different technical background, catering to clients in different industries.

Our services

1. Patent services

Effective patent drafting requires an understanding of your business and a complete grasp of the relevant technology. The drafter must apply the right tactics to achieve successful filings without compromising your long term business strategy.We can prosecute an application in any country through our extensive network. We monitor closely all relevant law changes in individual countries and work with our global partners to meet your needs.Our professionals are technically qualified in specialised fields to facilitate communication with inventors and this enhances our ability to understand and describe the most technically challenging inventions.We are involved in complex patent infringement cases involving patents in the electronics, semiconductor, engineering and pharmaceutical fields.

2. Trademark services

Rodyk IP provides trademark registration and prosecution services including search, registration, renewal and oppositions. It is important to you that we know how to help you protect and build your business assets. Our professionals will save you time and money by ensuring your trademark is protected while you focus on your core business.

3. Designs

In a crowded market place, a well designed product is able to quickly gain market share. We advise our client how to effectively protect their designs to ensure that they retain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

4. Portfolio Management

Management of intellectual property assets requires a clear understanding of the law, procedures and deadlines in different countries, and the ability to balance costs, risks, and benefits. This must be coupled with the ability to update and execute the IP strategy in harmony with an evolving business strategy. You can draw upon the experience of Rodyk IP’s registered patent attorneys to interpret, advise on, and execute the substantive handling of applications and registrations, which will in turn, improve the quality, value, and sustainability of your IP portfolio.